Monday, October 4, 2010

Bamboo Boat Race RESULTS

Did yall see the bamboo boat race?  I didn't :/, was playing ultimate vs alums (via they beat us 15-13 le sigh).

Some 'professors' won this year, math dudes like Dave Kung and another one.  Feel like they cheated via understanding concepts such a 'buoyancy' and 'geometry'.  Real surprised Nut didn't win this year, kinda sad about that tbh.

One team was named 'binary solo' I think that is a reference to some popular culture, maybe a movie or comic, dunno.  David's team was No Doutt, which I don't get.  Like I get the No Doubt reference, but what is a Doutt?  Maybe I am just dumbs.

EDIT:  Binary Solo is from that show 'conchords that fly w/kiwis'

Woah Nate Hesse, real original w/ 'windsurfing club'.

Hahah okay but Sam Eckert's 'Bambooty' made me laugh.

I think David Johnson came in second place, and apparently came in first in every race except the last heat. Kinda lame but w/e, he still got a big fake cheque.

Thanks to Loheed for sending me the list of participants!


  1. Brian Tennyson was the captain of "Binary Solo," so it's probably a math joke...

  2. A Doutt is a Kenneth who is sailing the Mediterranean and not able to come build boats with David this year. They are very sad and missing him.

    Also, David's team legit won, but the kerfluffle in the final round (GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU DID, NATHAN HESSE) meant that both he and the windsurfing kid were distracted, thus allowing the teachers to pull ahead.


  3. Ahahaha awwwww what a cute name! More reason to hate Nate Hesse (<3)