Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Orgasm

Went to the Female Orgasm presentation thing (dunno what to call it really).  Dunno if I learned much but I think it set out really positive vibes about sexuality and bodies, I had a great time.  Also yelled 'oh yeah' at one point (via the people on stage asked if the audience liked orgasms or somesuch) but did not realize I was so loud and promptly ducked to avoid the wave of stares.

Also it was really packed, like I had to stand the whole time, which wasn't a big deal but kinda wish we had larger venues on campus for those sorts of things.  But the acoustics were great so w/e.


  1. I <3 Female Orgasm!

  2. Ken, several little birdies told me that you had pregamed beforehand, so your loud outburst was natural. I'm sure you are not the first one to have done something to that effect in public. We've all been there before; it's nothing to be ashamed of. We've also all been in nothing but green, skimpy dresses at Ultimate Tournaments in Georgia, holding a ha-yuuuuuge drinking container we named "Cup."

    Additionally, I would like to register the comment that our campus actually DOES boast venues of the sort you alluded to (via, i.e., e.g., the Michael P. O'Brien Athletics and Recreation Center's large public gymnasium and also its top-of-the-line, professional-grade Division III basketball court, for example). It seems that our so-called "enlightened" and "cutting-edge" liberal-arts college simply does not for some reason want to utilize sound scheduling of our top-notch on-campus programs. Thank you and good night.

  3. ^ (World Record holder for most hyphenated adjectival phrases in one paragraph)

  4. Didn't learn much?!!?!?
    I've been practicing kegels constantly since
    hooray for sequential male orgasms!

  5. That drinking container was named 'pitcher' via it was a pitcher.

    Also, anonymous I am happy for your discovery of kegels and wish you the best of luck. Also, fun game to play. Say kegel to a group of friends, then 5 seconds later ask who is currently doing kegels, the answer is generally at least 80% of them.

  6. To anonymous about venues on campus. The MPOB ARC is great but not easy to get access to for events. I know relay for life wanted to try to get both the rec gym and the basketball courts for this years events and whoever is in charge of the basketball courts wouldn't let us use them(again) for no legitimate reason.(you can't have them because I said so) It would be nice to have more events that were able to use the who ARC like they have during orientation and stuff.