Monday, October 11, 2010


There is a large wooden boat in the water right now, like gigantic.  It is outside the river center, parked (via anchors) in the water a quarter mile from shore.  Dunno what its deal is, feel like it is gonna invade though.

Talked to Paul Sauchelli about it, he said something about it being a bunch of Jews trying to show that Jewish tribes can live together.  Don't really understand via don't know much about Jews/tribes.  Kinda worried that they are gonna invade though.

UPDATE:  Caitlin Cromer has some information about it
innnnn reality this was actually a replica of small leisure ship from the late 1800's, the peacemaker.
Fascinating.  Luv leisure ships because they are less likely to invade.  Also here is a high quality photo


  1. this boat makes no sense being Jewish, via, I myself am Jewish, and I (a jew, via the maternal side of my family) am confused as to the Judaism of this (via) boat.
    You Know Who This Is

    P.S. The boat being here today actually was very confusing

  2. Wait, there are Jews trying to invade this on this campus? Maybe they are migrating from Montgomery County. Has anyone called Public Safety?

  3. trying to invade this campus*

    Sorry for the typo, I was locking my door (via tryna stay clear of Jewish invasion).


    These people own the boat. They're not really Jewish or Christian... some kinda odd mixture of those two and like live on communes.

  5. The way they described themselves to me indicated a balance between Judaism and Christianity, with a tendency toward Judaism. When half the campus asked me what the boat was all about I just simplified it into 'some kind of Jewish/Judao-Christian community' and it eventually turned into the Jew Ship. I'm not a bigot, you guys just suck at playing telephone.

  6. thank you all for clearing up the Jew confusion i had concerning this Jew boat.
    -the Jew