Thursday, October 14, 2010


Apparently there is a GHOST in the library.  The discus man has been dressed up as a ghost.  Can someone take a photo of him for me, I will buy you a gord from the Daily Grind.

I realize that it is impossible to take photos of ghosts, but since this is a fake ghost it may work.

Speaking of ghosts, did anyone play ghost in the graveyard as a kid?  Feel like that would be a real fun game to play on the greens.

Rules:  One kid runs away and hides as the ghost.  The other kids stay at based and count from 1 oclock to midnight.  Then they go look for the ghost.  When someone spots the ghost they yell PANIC GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD then run away to base as the ghost tries to get someone.


  1. Ken! You have to play it in the graveyard, with that giant monument as base. obviously at night. Its super scary.


  2. Oh my god we could play it in a legit graveyard
    -grave stones hurt
    -real ghosts could attack us
    -if drinking, grave stones pose an even greater threat

  3. No I meant this

  4. I have stumbled many times in that graveyard on barely marked graves, sober.

  5. I thought Ghost in the Graveyard was the one where you weren't supposed to move and someone would go around trying to catch you when you were moving...or something like that.

  6. Nope, that's wax museum. It has another name too but I don't remember what at the moment...