Thursday, October 21, 2010

Class of 2011 Crab Feast

Went to the crab feast, fun times. I set up the music for the event, which was fun and exciting, people told me they really enjoyed the music. Dr. Urgo’s house was real cool and a really nice piece of property. He has a pier, but no boat yet. Feel like he should get a submarine and submarine his way onto campus secretly. He could dock it in St. John’s Pond and then pop out of nowhere. Seems like a pretty solid idea to me.

Anyways, the crabs were great, and the whole thing was really well organized. The cleanup was cool too, and even Jurgo helped which I thought was really cool, like that he doesn’t see himself as being above throwing trash away and such. Just real chill. I went home with some extra crabs and spent a few hours picking them and then made crab cakes! They turned out quite well, I was very impressed with myself.

Ken’s crab cake recipe!
• Some crab meat
• Toast a slice of bread and turn it into bread crumbs
• Some mustard
• Some Mayo
• Some parsley
• Old Bay!
• An egg

Mix these up in a bowl with your hands, then form into some patties. Fry in olive oil until golden brown. Dry off the grease with some paper towels. Enjoy! Crab cakes always taste really good chilled.

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  1. This makes me hate you and America, I'm so full of jealousy it actually hurts my spleen.