Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 Cups

Some kid here in the library has 4 cups of coffee.  Wat.

He is never gonna sleep (via caffeine)

UPDATE:  Some girl just asked the kid for his sweater because she was cold.  He declined because he had nothing on underneath.  Also the girl was wearing a really light tanktop. Dunno what she was thinking going into the library w/o full winter gear on, it's always freezing in here.


  1. wwowwwwwww, maybe I should visit this "library" sometime before I graduate...because apparently there are hot girls in there with only light tanks tops on...
    -Becky White

  2. Totes saw that girl that day. She asked to borrow/check out? a bright red coat that was hanging up behind the librarians desk. She got the coat but it clashed horribly with her cute/inappropriate outfit. Just sayin.