Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you walked down the path around the campus center this afternoon you were probably bombarded by highschoolers with surveys. From what I gathered, they were in an AP class, probably statistics or psychology.

I completed a half dozen or so surveys. They were pretty enjoyable. One started with the question "how often do you go out during the week". I asked them what this meant, and they didn't really have a straight answer, so I wrote seven since I leave my room every day. One asked about my GPA and how much I smoke marijuana. The GPA marijuana girl asked about my "Nixon Now" pin; "Wasn't Nixon a bad President? With like, that watergate thing?". I told her that Nixon was the most liberal President since FDR, and for that he is an amazing man. Another survey asked about jello and jello shots, and how often the jello I ate contained alcohol.

The highschoolers were annoying at first, but once I realized the surveys were generally pretty funny I started taking all of them.

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