Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Volleyball and Hospital Duty

Yesterday was Panda's 4th game of intramural volleyball. We made a valiant effort, but team Senioritis defeated us. I really like volleyball a lot, and intramural games in general are pretty sweet.

One of the refs was celebrating her birthday and was pretty trashed. We tried to get her to play for our team, but her friends dragged her away. It was pretty fun, especially when she yelled about the likelihood of herself getting fired.

After volleyball I came back and got a call on the hospital duty phone. RAs are on call for a few nights per semester from 5PM to 7AM, basically when the Health Center is closed, to transport people to and from the hospital. I went with a guy from Public Safety, but I don't know who it was. He wasn't an officer, and he was really nice and pointed out all of the weird traffic situations on Rt. 5, like the lanes that turn into turn only lanes.

After picking up the student from the hospital I got another call, and it seemed like I would have to drive to the hospital again. But when I got back, the other student's friends had taken her to the hospital because she was feeling sick, meaning I didn't have to drive her.

My hypothesis is that the other person going to the hospital was the girl from intramural volleyball. But I will probably never know if this was the case.


  1. Hey Ken, thanks for writing that up, so thoughtful! It was not me that went to the hospital, the only place I went was to bed. Thanks again for your concern, and go Team Panda!

  2. Oh my god you don't know how excited I am that you found this blog and commented on it! Hahah awesome, I hope you had a rad birthday!

    A few days later I found out who actually went to the hospital that night.