Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/3/09

8:00 - When I got to the meeting I got a call for hospital Duty. So I drove for two hours from SMCM to the hospital before I could finally get back to the meeting.

10:00 - Okay just got here. We are discussing the footbridge. I am on the Buildings and Grounds Committee, and I have spent hours talking about this.

10:07 - I am really glad I missed this meeting due to Hospital Duty. Thank you student that was feeling sick. This meeting is really boring.

10:15 - Chip Jackson talked about the various options again. I think he would make a really good Dad.

10:17 - I am in favor of the bridge. I think I am in the minority. I just really like bridges a lot.

10:23 - Finally done. SGA has voted to not consider the idea of a footbridge.

10:24 - Liam is talking about making a committee thing to look at if the college is keeping the students rights or something. He is cute so I voted for it.

10:32 - Talking about the search for a new President of the college. I don't really get it. Sometimes I think I suck at SGA.

10:34 - Senator Van Parys just told me that I in fact don't suck.

10:41 - Adjourned

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