Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SGA meeting 2/10/09

SGA Meeting hellz yea bro!

The row of seating in Goodpaster 195 where Senator Van Parys and I usually sit has been taken up by administrators for the past two meetings. It's really lame, but you can't just ask them to move, cause it's kinda rude. Like I'm sure they would understand and move, but I don't want to be mean I guess.

8:06 - Meeting Started, Marlena Weiss is doing the roll call woooooo party hard

8:09 - Student Speakout

Stephanie Hartwick is complaining about departmental cuts. She is, as I guessed, from the Chemistry Department. A lot of kids in the chem dept. are pretty pissed due to the lack of being able to keep the big machine running (I don't know what it's called) and the lack of chemicals.

Even thought it's only the chemistry department complaining about budget cuts, I think they have a really valid point.

EWWWW she wants to use special carry over and SGA funds to support the academic departments. Lame. We need that money to buy pizza for every club! All kidding aside, I don't think SGA funds should go towards this.

8:12 - She is still complaining about stuff. Now complaining about the new paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.

8:13 - Sunny is responding to the student speakout. She is wearing a very nice green shirt, I approve. Also a cool necklace. I am paying more attention to her fashion than to her actual speech.

8:18 - Sunny wants to put SGA funds towards assisting the academic departments

8:22 - Okay apparently most people are in favor of putting funds towards the academic departments, so I guess it probably is a good idea since they are all smarter than I am.

8:25 - Career Development Center presentation! Amanda Walker is our guest speaker, and she graduated from SMCM in 2001. She handles internships and federal jobs at the Career Development Center.

8:26 - Okay now another lady is talking about the Career Development Center, I don't know who she is though. It's in Glendening Hall, and the Center is very pretty.

8:28 - LOLZ Calvin Richards was about to walk in here, until he realized an SGA meeting was going on. The CDC has a website, and it's pretty cool I guess. I am still set on lifeguarding for the fourth summer in a row, so I'm somewhat disinterested. Also I just found the Spellcheck function on Blogspot, which is very useful.

8:31 - Actually this site is pretty sweet, I'm going to check it out. Here's the link.

8:42 - I am really hungry. When I get back to my room I think I will eat Cheez-Itz.

8:45 - That was a pretty solid presentation on the Career Development Center.

8:46 - Culinary Club wants to become a club. I was going to vote against this, but the student proposing the club is from Prince George, so I think I will support her.

8:47 - Cartoon Club wants to become Illustration Ink. We passed their resolution!

8:48 - Chris Rodkey wants to give three hammocks from SGA to Rotoract for Christmas in April. These are the same hammocks that SGA set up during the summer that broke due to rain rusting.

8:55 - blah blah blah more stuff

8:58 - Announcements etc.

9:02 - Goddamit, Carbon Leaf won the thing for World Carnival. I was really hoping for bloc party or cobra starship

9:17 - Meeting Adjourned

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  1. well I'm not sure how I feel about this blog. It's quite dense, so I can't actually focus on what is being said. I found this by googling myself, which is a good thing to do since if people write things about you on their blogs, then you can know and tell them if it's inappropriate or not.
    I guess I would just want to make the correction that I was talking about the chem department, since I'm in the chem department, but it's not like I was actually representing the chem department. and so it's not really fair to say that only the chem department was complaining about budget cuts, since this was a shocking and disturbing event that all departments dealt with, just in a less public way then my specific complaints.