Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/17/09

SGA Meeting awesome dude

8:08 - Meeting has started

8:10 - Student speakout - girl that is studying abroad is angry about the departmental budget cuts. I think it might be Lauren Ramsey. Either way, I think she has a good point or something. Oooo maybe it is Kait Hines because this girl seems pretty well informed about SGA, and Kait is abroad.

8:12 - Dr. Michael Cain is speaking about stuff now! He is in charge of the Center for the Study of Democracy.

8:15 - He is talking about the Center for the Study of Democracy. I don't know much about it, but it seems that he has gotten a lot of money donated to get the Center started.

8:18 - Apparently he was in the news 80 times last year. This is awesome and a sweet accomplishment.

8:19 - Andrew Bounds just told me that he did not vote last election. This is disgusting.

8:22 - I just realized who this guy is. He organizes all the political speakers and discussions on campus. I once emailed him saying that he should screen The Battle of Algiers because of its parallels with the war in Iraq. He seemed really enthused about it, and wanted more information, but I never got back to him. I think I will now.

8:39 - Dr. Cain is still talking, he is a good speaker. Also, Matt Fafoutis is looking very cute.

8:44 - People want to form a Paranormal Club. I could say a lot about this, but I think I will stick with that I am planning to vote against it. Many of my constituents groaned when I mentioned this club.

8:49 - Matt Smith has some legislation. He wants to urge the college not to cut funding from the Health Center. This is rad. Our Health Center is really lame. Okay it passed sweet!

8:54 - Resolution to show support for the abolition of the MD Death Penalty. Death penalty sucks cause it kills people which is hella lame.

8:57 - Senator Van Parys and I believe that we should create the New York City from the hit 80s film Escape from New York. This is a solid plan.

9:10 - Resolution about credit hours or something, I didn't pay attention/don't feel like writing about it.

9:24 - SGA is cutting its budget, woooo

9:33 - John Campbell just walked in, he is looking quite dapper.

9:36 - SGA may donate money to the academic departments. This is cool.

9:50 - blah blah blah

9:53 - Iben Ricket just said my name!

9:54 - Iben just said that I found environmentally friendly paint and Lauren Ashley clapped. I am so honored by her clapping.

10:08 - Meeting Adjourned

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