Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursdays at the Grind

This week during Thursdays at the Grind The Five One Band will be performing. Clint Neil says that they are "Sublime + Gym Class Heroes, but with a better rapper". I find this highly offensive because I love Travie of Gym Class Heroes, and I am really sad that he broke up with Katy Perry. :[. Also a lot of small bands get compared to Sublime and I don't know why, but on the other hand it seems like everyone at SMCM knows the lyrics to all of their songs.

Their myspace page is taking several minutes to load

Under influences they put Halo. This does not bode well. They seem to be the kind of band that has a message and philosophy and such, which would explain why they are a reggae/rap kinda band I guess. I'm surprised they didn't have Dead Prez under their influences, since it's easily the hipsterest rap group.

Ok I am pretty sure one of their songs samples someone from Dragon Ball Z making that sound they make when they charge up to attack or something.

This is a weird band but I think they will be pretty kickin rad.

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