Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SGA Meeting 2/24/09

8:09 - Meeting is beginning. Matt Fafoutis said that it is 8:10, but really it's totally 8:09.

8:12 - Student Speakout, but no one wanted to talk

8:13 - Guest speakers! This wee kit's Meredith Epstein and Rachel Clement. They are the sustainability coordinators. There is a student energy fund, where every student pays 25$ towards green energy initiatives. This is about $50,000 a year. We were able to use this money to buy renewable energy credits, but due to some changes (new buildings, increased student population, SMECO failing to charge us for 40% of our electricity because they forgot to read our meters) costs are increasing. What the Sustainability Fellows want to do is move towards Carbon offsets and cheaper RECs so that we can spend more money on on-campus initiatives, like building windmills.

I'm pretty sure it's about keeping the 100% green energy label for the College's publicity, while still working towards more on-site renewable energy projects, like solar panels windmills, and geothermal heatpumps.

8:23 - Cute french guy is talking about on-site renewable energy projects, like solar panels for hot water, wind turbines, etc.

8:25 - College is really into large projects such as a large photovaltaic array, solar hot water for residences, and geothermal system for townhouses.

8:28 - French guy is totally saying ee-cono-meeeee (economy)

8:29 - mon-aaaaaay (money)

8:31 - If you have any opinions or ideas, feel free to email sustainability@smcm.edu with your thoughts!

8:41 - New club! SALT. This is not Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, but is in fact the Seahawk Athletic Leadership Training. They are focusing on triatholons and such. It sounds cool I guess. It passed!

8:53 - I just motioned to vote. SafeRide will be getting a computer to file its information and such.

8:56 - I left the meeting to go to the PowerShift meeting.

9:20 - Just got back, meeting was already adjourned.


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