Saturday, September 11, 2010

A blurb

Saw this little flow of conscious that a student wrote earlier this morning.  Gonna repost it because it's kinda cute/great.
im pretty sure i always rode safe ride home from the door by myself. halloween is known as the greatest night of the year. people from college park and townies and everyone elise meets that she invites comes down. its a bunch of people running around a square in costumes but it fucking rules. there are drinks at every house that may be why. on may first the seniors ride bikes naked through campus and jump in to the river. and to fool the cops they do it twice. theres a student worked farm, a vegetarian food co-op, and if you think your bike is stolen someone probably just borrowed it because youll probably find it on the other side of campus the next week. frisbees are annoyingly flying everywhere, people through their shoes in a tree after they have sex, theres the dorch porch, the point, the docks, the greens, the door. books the shady porn store which ive only ever gone to and read the fake comics in front because i always forget my id. books that i never open for class and class held outside. on the water. I MISS YOU. theres so much more.

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