Monday, September 27, 2010

SGA Meeting 9/21/2010

Woah this is late.  Cool meeting overall.  Some random notes that Katie Caffey jotted down:

Lots of new senators, class exec board people here
student speak out: QA lights are out. Can’t see skunks, etc
Developing a climate action plan, REC purchases – lisa + luke
People’s cell phones are blowin up.
Mark just texted me. He officially withdrew from senatorship L
Luke is having trouble with the presentation. Ken’s working on it
Climate control is huge draw on energy, turning power on/off uses a lot of energy, too
Kyle bring up good point about climate-efficient, double-pane windows, or lack of them. Funding issue
Cut water consumption by a third, electricity by 16%
RECs becoming a lot cheaper
Executive appointments
Special carryover fund: $98,000
Composting buckets just passed! Woot
ken just walked out, becky got confused.  [Editor's Note:  I was peeing]
Ken is back  [Editor's Note:  I was done peeing]
Bylaws passed, becky: “YESSSS!”
Now we are amending the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXs
Omg what’s going on
Alex walls has a question.
By-law Amendment passed!
Ken just told the club to “defend itself” haha
Voting on “students for a democratic society” club  [this club passed]
We got a big grant for the sciences
Sga pays for tvs circa ’93. We used to charge $1/student in the dorms. 

Ken Notes:  I had some legislation about buying composting buckets for students, and that passed.  Now have 20 composting buckets to distribute!

Joanne Goldwater somehow managed to find documentation that the SGA in 93' bought the TVs for the common rooms.  This is pretty amazing/funny.  I can't imagine like, what it took to find that information.  Anywayz as a result SGA is looking into buying new TVs for dorms with broken TVs, like QA.  

Also, lots of mold in the Townhouses, Kyle McGrath feels that the filters are not the proper size.

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