Sunday, September 12, 2010


Found out about a week ago that Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall has a twin.  Think his name is Max.  He is the one on the left, Danny is on the right.  Girl in the middle is an unknown, possibly a third mysterious twin (triplet).

Anyway, as everyone knows in every twinship there is...and evil twin.  Kinda trying to figure out which of these is the evil twin.  On the one hand Max seems to be into plays and computery stuff, while Danny is into the outdoors.

Danny also quotes Gandhi (EDIT:  I had spelled Gandhi incorrectly previously because I am an ignorant slut) a lot on his facebook.  Feel like Ghandi is a pretty chill dude via starvation for a cause, so this means that his brother Max must be the evil twin.

Kinda glad that we got the 'good' twin, otherwise our Student Trustee would be evil.


  1. my twin is Rob. Max is my older sister. I approve of this blog post :)

  2. it's spelled Gandhi