Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bridge Inspection

This happened awhile ago, but it would have been cool if the school had told us that the bridge at Solomons was being inspected during move-in day so that we could have avoided that hour of traffic.

EDIT:  apparently the government down here is bad at informing people about these bridge inspections, according to a commenter.  Very possible.  In Baltimore County they are real good about notifying people about stuff like this, but could be different down here.  Either way I was upset/it was kinda cool because I got to walk around on the bridge.

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  1. So, as a defense of the school, they've been really bad at notifying the public about bridge inspections. I've had to miss work this summer due to their ad-hoc bridge inspections, being that I live in Calvert and work in St. Mary's.