Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SGA Meeting 10/7/2010

1st official meeting of the semester.

Katie Caffey is writing this and not Ken...le sigh

It's 8pm. Let's get this meeting started. sgalol

Ken is wearing a cool hat from "Don's"

The new parliamentarian looks kind of like Louis.

8:03 - Ken just called this meeting to order, so early!!
Roll call
The new secretary is doing a really good job reading all the names.
There are no class presidents here.
MARK SNYDER ISN'T HERE. I was going to skype him in for student speak out but he’s not online.

8:05 - Kyle thinks the townhouse senators have their shit together because they are all here. He is right. (ps WC needs 2 or 3 more senators, so you should run!)

8:06 - Becky white just walked in. Alex Walls: "late as usual!"

8:06 - I just motioned to amend the agenda to include the guest speaker, Lisa and Luke, because Ken told me to before the meeting, and I thought it was a good idea.

8:07 - Minutes just passed
No students are here to speak out.

8:07 - Luke and Lisa are guest speaking about sustainable energy and GSMRLF.
The PP is a corrupt file, and Ken can't open it:( Luke is going to wing it without notes

8:11 – Ken just opened the PowerPoint! He’s my hero! Luke dissed Macs, but then he took it back I think.
Interesting facts about energy consumption,

8:13 - Gordy (WC Senator) just walked in

8:17 – Ken is going to try to get the graphs to show up on the PowerPoint

8:19 – Lisa is describing the Green St. Mary’s Revolving Loan Fund (GSMRLF), which works on renewable energy projects around campus. It was established last year, so this is its first year. It’s really exciting
8:22 - Ken just fixed the PowerPoint again. Now we can see all the images/graphs. He's such a good VP!
8:24 – potential GSMRLF projects: solar trash compactors, motion-sensing lighting, solar street lights, etc. really cool ideas

8:28 – Good job Lisa and Luke! applaud

8:28 – officer reports

8:30 – ken is talking. It’s too bad he can’t blog and talk at the same time. I’m going to miss his blogging skills. Now he’s talking about committees. All committees need non- SGA members so please consider joining one or more of these committees:
(ps there’s no parking committee anymore, RIP. apparently there’s no technology committee either)
Apps will be out soon for these committees.
644 students showed up at the Nest. Whoa! Biggest Nest event yet.

8:34 - Student open-mike at 8pm for coffee house this week

8:35 – Ken and Danny just had a nice polite exchange. such gentlemen. Now danny is talking about meadows’ and ticks.
Danny: “If you guys didn’t know, there are ticks in meadows”
Kyle: “What’s a tick?”

June 2012: Ann Arundel demolition to begin
Student trustee website www.smcm.edu/studenttrustee. There’s a blog too but Danny was talking too fast

8:38 – reports reports reports, exciting!

8:40 – ken just messed up saying the parliamentarian’s name

8:40 – ken was told to do a re-do. He spoke really slow but I think he got it right

8:42 – senator reports now

8:42 – Alex said he doesn’t have a report, but he’s still talking. Love you, Alex Walls.

8:43 – Ken is standing in front of the projector shielding his eyes from the light. He should have brought sunglasses

8:45 – Ken is talking

8:46 – Meeting adjourned. See ya’ll next week. Hope this didn’t suck too much. I miss kenlol.
This is Katie, btw.



  2. no offense, but we want ken and his b"lol"gging skills back