Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SGA Meeting 2/16/10

SGA Meeting

8:10 - Haven't started yet

8:18 - Haven't started yet

8:23 - Starting

8:27 - Chris Rodkey has a bill about oysters and supporting the Governor's bill to create oyster sanctuaries. Oysters are awesome and should be protected some.

8:30 - Resolution thanking SafeRide. Awesome.

8:36 - 6,000$ish dollars for Programs Board to do stuff. Nest, Coffeehouse, and Special Events. Exciting.

8:37 - Hahah Becky White just got called Alexander Walls.

8:40 - Bill to stop clubs from selling stuff and then using that money. Instead the money would go back to the SGA. Dance club does this a lot. Passed.

8:48 - Bill that Finance Board will cover 75% of tournament fees or reg. fees for clubs and such. This has been the standard for the past few years so it's pretty obv.

8:49 - Talking to Sam Rockler on aim, she wanted me to say this. She has a radio show Tuesdays at 6PM, probably with hip stuff, it's pretty cool. She paid me to write this btw.

8:54 - Lots of debating going on. Wish it was masturbating and not debating.

9:13 - blah blah blah

9:17 - Make the 50% for hotel fees standard. Mike Young doesn't like this.

9:24 - debate blah blah blah

9:30 - Alex Walls annoys me

9:33 - So confused as to what I am voting on, but it passed

9:39 - My butt is very itchy at the moment

9:44 - Talking about Renewable Energy Credits. We should probably spend that money on Lego

10:05 - Calvert microwave has cockroaches. I love Calvert so much

10:07 - Lisa Davidson thanked me for showing SGA how to use Gmail to email their constituents

10:?? done


  1. Oh Ken, I am glad to see I am important enough for you to make fun of me randomly in your blog. Its very touching!!!