Saturday, February 20, 2010

College President Chosen!

According to this facebook wall to wall, a new President has been chosen. The Board of Trustees met this morning at 11AM, so it's definitely possible that they indeed picked someone. In addition, Laura and Dave are on the Point News staff, and therefore pretty knowledgeable about the goings ons of campus.

This is pretty good news if it's true. I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm 80% sure this is factual and such, but I could always be wrong. PANIC?

EDIT: According to the Point News it's official. Radical. I think some of them were there, glad to hear that the Point News is able to wake up early enough for these meetings when I'm not.

As expected, he's from some other college. I hope it's a cool one. Actually I'm just assuming/writing that it's a he, it could totally be a girl obviously.

Point News Write-up Below. Someone should have taken photos!

"At the beginning of the Board of Trustees meeting on Saturday, Feb. 20, Board Chairman James P. Muldoon announced that "We have extended an offer" to the selected presidential candidate. By the middle of the meeting, the Board received news that that the candidate had, in fact, accepted. The candidate appears to be coming from another college. Muldoon said that on Monday, the candidate would notify his or her campus of the decision, and then would come forward to the St. Mary's Community.

"This is a great week for St. Mary's College," Muldoon said."


  1. Our new president (?):

  2. and to think i was going to guess bob dole