Monday, February 1, 2010

Ashlee Simpson

This girl, Rosa Trembour ( I think I met her during new students day??? ) has rated every song from Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography. Going through people's iTunes is my new hobby.

This dedication to Ashlee Simpson is astounding.

Edit: She also has the artist Danger, who is probably my favorite electronic artist, so she is redeemed or something.


  1. Ken Benjes I am a little unimpressed with your failure to notify me of your public announcement about my itunes. On the other hand, I feel no need to defend myself, so keep on, just be sure to inform your targets. Did you come across this while sitting 2 seats away from me in class?

  2. ahahahha how did you find this! I was doing homework one night, and decided to see what music you listen to out of boredom

    I am really impressed with you dedication to rate like all of her songs, I have done this with maybe two albums. I am very proud of you!

    And like I said, I fucking love Danger and <3 that you also have listened to him. Carry on.