Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exclusive: Possible World Carnival Band

I got an email from some SMCM alumns in a band called Drop Electric asking me who to contact to play at World Carnival. I listened to some of their songs and they seemed pretty chill and enjoyable. So in the event that they actually end up playing at World Carnival, you heard it here first. lol

Speaking of World Carnival, I am really excited.


  1. Uh, they went to SMCM

  2. duh they went to smcm, that's why I called them alumns

  3. Is Drop Electric Playing at St Mary's!?

    I love that band, they play here in DC a lot and are fucking sick. Can someone detail the World Carnival and let me know when they are playing - I know at least 100 people that would come if that's cool with the school.

    I can't wait to see them at the College - good choice in music btw