Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WGSX House

WGSX House seems to be desperate for applicants, based on all the status updates I've seen. They have 16 spots but not enough applicants. It's a great way for underclassmen to get on North Campus, and you probably get credit. Apps due tonight at midnight, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got extended.


  1. The idea of a WGSX House AND a Women in Science House is plain retarded. They do the same thing. The only difference is the name. I would see a difference if Women in Science was only for science majors, but it's not, and you still get wgsx credit.

  2. Women Gettina Suck diX? Is it an X rated version of club G.r.o.s.s for women?

  3. alright so being part of the conversation when this was originally brought up was the idea that the wgsx house would become a house devoted entirely to wgsx and wish would therefore be able to drop some of it wgsx duties and be able to focus more on science...cause we really didn't do the wgsx stuff