Thursday, February 11, 2010

SafeRide Cancelled

Woah, so SafeRide sent out an email this afternoon saying that they'd be running, and at 7:30 they cancel it? What happens to the people who already left, or more importantly, those who left without checking their email after 7:30? They're probably counting on SafeRide, and with so many cars already snowed in, it might be hard for them to find a DD when they realize SafeRide isn't running.

I guess they have their reasons for canceling, but I hope no one is put in a bad situation because of this. And I guess it's only a two-ish mile walk back, but it is pretty cold outside. I'm just glad I didn't go tonight.


  1. word on the street is that someone outside of saferide pulled the plug last night, which is why there was the contradiction...

  2. Yeah, the way the email was worded made it seem that way

  3. That is in fact the case. Word on the street was that Saferide was in a word unpleased.