Monday, February 22, 2010

Down with the Sickness

Sick again. Alcohol once again fails to cure my sickness. When will I learn? Went to health center, got back of meds. They had cough drops w/honey in the middle. Trying them right now.

Trip Report: Halls Naturals 'Harvest Peach' Throat Lozenge. I really dislike the taste of artificial peach. Oh my god these have menthol in them, no wonder they are so wonderful. Have not coughed yet.

Edit: coughed like two minutes after typing the above.

UPDATE: Just finished the candy thing. There was a glob of honey in the middle, it was so glorious. This is the best candy ever.

Health center lady was really nice. They gave me not-Robitussin, but I couldn't figure out how much to put it in because it said 2 teaspoons instead of using a real measurement like ounces. Hopefully I did not overdose.

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