Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Films for the Semester

Jan 22-24: Michael Jacksons This Is It

Jan 29-31: Zombieland

Feb 5-7: Where the Wild Things Are

Feb 12-14: Precious

Feb 19-21: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Feb 26-28: Princess and the Frog

Mar 5-7: New Moon

Mar 26-28: Sherlock Holmes

Apr 2-4: Youth In Revolt

Apr 9-11: Nine

Apr 16-18: Invictus

Apr 23-25: Book of Eli

Apr 30-May 2: TBD

This the list of films for this semester to be played in Cole Cinema. Got the list from Matt Foerster.

Excited for New Moon and Youth in Revolt. Also I heard TDB was really good and will prob get best picture next year at the Oscars.

Update: Apparently TBD is not a movie, but instead we will be voting on it. Avatar, Dear John, Legion. Everyone vote for Dear John.


  1. ken did you know that you can vote awesome or shitty as many times as you want!?!?! I definitely just accidentally awesomed this post twice

  2. Yeah sometimes I awesome stuff a lot to make myself feel better. Not really though.

  3. You can also vote for awesome and shitty AT THE SAME TIME

  4. i think i will do just that, in order to reflect the film selection committee's apparent need for polarly good and bad movies

  5. btw Youth in Revolt was an intense disappointment. why are there so many kid-ish movies this semester? (go dear john)

  6. I was hoping youth in revolt would be good, I'll prob see it anyway. And yeah there are a lot of kid films. I don't really get why they are showing so many, but I don't really know of any alternatives I guess. Also I bet more people show up for stuff like frog princess than Hurt Locker, even though Hurt Locker was amazing

  7. Whip It!!!
    Why is this not on the list!

  8. Invictus was one of the best movies I've ever seen.

  9. All SMCM students can join the SGA Programs Board films committee. If you are not happy with the film selections, then join the committee so they can hear YOUR voice!