Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zylak Responds

In an unprecedented move current head of Public Safety has responded with more information regarding new changes!  How exciting and futuristic.

 Photo taken outside the Library
Here is a transcript of his response (via copy/paste)
A change in any enforcement authority usually elicits strong discussion so in regard to the conversation about the Special Police Commissions that SMCM is pursuing for our Public Safety officers I would like to share some information.
The Special Police Commissions will convey the authority to SMCM Public Safety Officers to arrest individuals for trespassing or for committing offenses under the Maryland Law while on the property of the college, Church Point and Historic St. Mary’s City since the college has assumed an obligation to maintain and protect these areas. In addition, the Commissions give our officers the authority to direct and control traffic on public highways (Rt. 5) and roads in the immediate vicinity of the college.
For example, a trespass by a non-student that would now be turned over to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office will be handled by the SMCM Public Safety office instead.
The SMCM student body should not see any significant change in the enforcement of the college policies and it is expected that 99.9% of all violations will still be handled by the campus judicial boards.
Serious Part 1 crimes (robbery, rape, murder) will continue to be handled in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the college and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.
This is a positive change for the campus and I invite you to contact me should you have questions or concerns about the Special Police Commissions program.
Dave Zylak
Director, Public Safety
Woah buddy, what a well written response with actual information!  Some key points:
  • Public safety wants to legally control traffic, as they have already for ever (does that mean it was ILLEGAL???  probably not, they probably just had to ask the sheriff for permission each time maybe?).
  • Real police are less likely to come and arrest people as PS will do it instead
  • Not sure what counts as 'trespassing' but if you do it as a student you will go to JBoard instead of jail it seems.
  • That 1% includes stuff like rape, murder, pillaging, and robbery.  Nice to have a further explanation of that.
That's a simple summary I guess?  Nice to have some clarifications and open communication etc.

Thanks Zylakbro.

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  1. This may have been precipitated by the conflicts that PS and the sheriff had last semester over jurisdiction at Church Point. Several students complained that County officers had wrongfully evicted them from the waterfront when they were doing nothing wrong.