Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CoffeeHouse: Madeline Ava

Tomorrow at CoffeeHouse the performer will be Madeline Ava.  Madeline Ava is a folk punk ukelele player from Bloomington Indiana.  She is the epitome of 'twee'.

 Here is a photo of Madeline Ava playing guitar while laying down.

Here is a photo of Maddy playing the ukelele on her knees.   Evolution via getting up.

Finally here is a photo of the pokemon known as Maddybro standing up while playing ukelele, in her final evolution.

She seems real chill and should be a fun and nice guest tomorrow!  Also she has played with Beach House before which is cool via I love that band.  Check her out (both via her playing music and also she is attractive) at the Campus Center tomorrow at 8:30 PM (via milsted changed the time of coffeehouse this year).

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