Monday, September 26, 2011

PANIC: Giant Snake on Campus?

Was on facebook and a photo of a GIANT SNAKE popped up on my minifeed thing.

Not sure if this is an actual snake or some sort of strange hoax or an actual snake.  But this snake is gigantic as definitely a reason to PANIC. 

Looks like it might be in the tree near the Admissions building. 


  1. holy shit. i couldn't have picked a better time to graduate.

    shitty job market > snakes.

  2. black snakes don't normally climb trees- then again, neither do groundhogs....

  3. Black Rat Snakes are very much arboreal. Their favorite food is bird eggs. What a cutie!

  4. this picture was taken by the out door bathrooms near the st. mary's hall.

  5. oh, so it's just a terlet snake. thats a relief