Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PANIC: Giant Hulk Monster Terrorizing Campus Trash Cans

Yall may remember the giant Hulk Monster that was terrorizing campus a few weeks ago via destroying trees.  It would appear that this creature is terrorizing campus once again, and this time it is targeting TRASH RECEPTACLES.

Who could possibly knock over a trashcan other than some sort of super strong Hulk monster, possibly one created by the Biology Department.  Is this another diabolical creation by Bob Paul???  Did Dr. Urgo his it with his moped via hitting stuff?

An anonymous tipster said that it may have been the result of 'parkour' which I can only imagine is some sort of sinister Hulk monster activity. 

SMCM LOL BLOG will continue reporting on these disturbing disturbances on campus until the Hulk Monster is caught.  Hopefully the newly commissioned Public Safety officers and Dave Zylakbro are on the case to capture this monster (which was probably created by Bob Paul or the philosophy department).


  1. I bet the snake did it via gigantitude and terrorism

  2. Ummmm, clearly the sad and pathetic work of the Steelers.