Thursday, September 29, 2011


I did an email interview with Madeline Ava and asked relevant questions!

SMCM LOL BLOG:  What is your favorite color?

Madeline Ava:  Yellow, maybe. Sometimes brown. I really like blue lately. I don't know.

SMCM LOL BLOG:  What is your favorite 40?
Madeline Ava:  Definitely 1940. So many great things happening in that year.

SMCM LOL BLOG:  Ah that is tricky how you took my question about 40s and turned it into a year question!  Do you like frisbees?
Madeline Ava:  I don't think so. One time somebody threw a frisbee near friend's face and I thought it was a seagull and freaked out. Ultimate Frisbee can be annoying.

SMCM LOL BLOG:  !!!  Depressing.  Not digging these anti frisbee vibes.  Are beards rad?
Madeline Ava:  I'm not "into" beards. I think a lot of people are really "into" beards. I'm not. But if you don't wanna shave your face and you don't care what people think, I think that's rad. I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter to me. 

SMCM LOL BLOG:  I will take that as "beards are rad."  Thank you for the interview!

Madeline Ava:  ...

Well there you have it, a relevant/boring interview about important things regarding musicians!

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  1. who da fuck is dis biddie, she wack.