Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shoeless in the Great Room

So, as yall may know the Great Room does not allow bros to come in and eat some delicious chicken patties (which will be available on Friday for lunch yall, someone please swipe me in, will make it worth your while *wink* via bloggin about u) without some "shoes".  A lot of dudes around these parts don't like to wear shoes for a variety of reasons such as
  • Masochism
  • Like to get glass in their feetsies
  • Want to look cool
  • Are hippies
  • Barefoot running fad
  • Poor
  • Had sex on campus and threw their only pair in the shoe tree
So anyway, the Great Room as I recall does not allow bros to come in barefoot because it violates Health Code.  I decided to do some INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM and to figure out the validity of this claim and found this wee little site called which had the following letter from the MD health department (click the link for the full letter, see excerpt below).

So according to this letter there is no Health Department requirement that people wear shoes when in a food place.  THE PLOT THICKENS.

So I emailed David Sansotta about this, still waiting for a reply though.  Just tryna stir up trouble and not wear shoes in the Great Room yall.   Gonna ride this barefoot train till it crashes


  1. Hell yeah they should, they oughta make you wash them feet too, all this foot odor all over the place. They better make you wear a shirt while they're at it and tell these kids that scarves, bandanas and hemp neck gear don't count as a damn shirt. Damn kids and their double-step music or whatever they listen to these days!

  2. but does the great room count as food retail. its not like its a store with packaged food for sale. i thought you had to wear shoes because food is prepared on the site. or would it be that just those handling the food need to wear shoes? or none of these things and we can fling feet wherever we like?

  3. I think the basics come out to this, feet are just as dirty as shoes, but if someone drops a plate or glass those little shards are less likely to injure your shoe.