Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SGA Meeting 11/11

SGA Meeting wooo! Today is Sunny's birthday, and she is our President. I made her several cards!

8:09 - Meeting started

8:17 - SOAN club is trying to break up, as in they want a separate Anthropology club. Pevner is drilling them and I am glad because they did not think this whole thing through very well. They want to have Anthro club and SOAN, instead of trying to have anthro and sociology. They really need all the club leaders here to decide what happens when they split. Either way it's pretty annoying and boring.

8:32 - Okay now we are debating anonymous vs. transparent voting. I like the debate but it's also Sunny's 21st and she needs to go have her first shot at the Door.

8:37 - Anthropology is now a club!

8:38 - Judo club! This kid is really awkward and nervous, I feel awkward for him. I think they are requesting too much money but I don't really know. Okay it passed!!! woooooo

8:49 - Just passed a resolution to thank Rescue Squads and Public Safety. Woo.

8:59 - Chris Rodkey is bringing up a bill to make a print computer in the Library. You can only use the computer for a few minutes and it's really just to print out stuff. Cool idea. It just passed.

9:08 - I think Jeremy Pevner just hurt himself. I looked over and he was making pain faces. I feel sorry for him :[

9:13 - Things are wrappin up, almost over. Soon we will have a cake for Sunny!

9:25 - We motioned to sing happy birthday

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