Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SGA Meeting 11/18


8:05 - Oh snap we are starting early tonight! I am in fact present for tonight's meeting, much like the other meetings.

8:08 - Oooo Mary Walters is here to talk about the English Club. She is so nice! Mary is trying to resurrect the English club, exciting!

8:09 - Student Investment Group Amendment. They are debating it. I don't really follow because I stopped caring about the SIG after I found out it was about investing. Lamesauce.

8:17 - Oh goodness we all started clapping and I am not sure why. I think Jeremy Pevner thanked Nathan for all his hard work, and then Jesse did the same thing. How cute :]

8:18 - Officer reports, goodness the meeting is almost over already!

8:22 - Matt Fafoutis told us all to be thankful. Senator Van Parys and I hugged each other. It was cute. :]

8:52 - Meeting Adjourned


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