Thursday, November 13, 2008

SGA Committees

I met with my two SGA committees recently, Publicity and Grounds.

Grounds is headed by Nathan Bossie. I like him because he always looks like he is about to laugh when he talks. Nathan is a pretty great guy, even if he seems to be a bit obsessed with SGA. We're planning to walk around with Administrators and survey the entire campus. Should be fun and awkward.

Publicity is run by Iben Ricket. I enjoyed this meeting more as I was offered alcohol, as opposed to the cake at the Ground meeting, but being a Premiere Student Leader I did not accept. Our big thing was planning the boards that are around the Campus Center (including the new one underneath the Library Arch), and figuring out what to give away. In the past SGA has given out coozies and cups, but we are looking to expand, possibly into discs.

Woo exciting!


  1. shutup! discs?!?! omg!

  2. I love this blog and love you, ken benjes