Monday, November 24, 2008

Head Lice: Reloaded

Head Lice continue to plague our fair campus

Two days after the original email, another was sent out. Everyone should vacuum their rooms a lot. Also don't fumigate your rooms. I don't know how you would fumigate your room but don't do it.

From what I have heard, the outbreak started in Queen Anne. So don't try to get with any QA girls because they may have headlice and condoms don't protect against headlice.

Everyone please stay safe and remember that headlice are terrorism and that we don't negotiate with terrorists.

I am getting checked for headlice tomorrow at 9:30AM. I think it is worth waking up early to make sure that I am not infected with terrorism. Also if I do have headlice I will resign from my Senatorial post.

1 comment:

  1. Where did that head lice came from? Is there any way to stop them? coz it’s kind of annoying when they are living on you, your scalp will be itchy and sometimes you can’t concentrate on your works. The most things are when I was in a meeting and in front of my co investors I scratch my head and I can’t stop it coz it’s so itchy is there any quick head lice treatment that can help me with it.