Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Circle K Meeting

I went to another Circle K meeting. This time I brought 5$ for dues, which gets you a shirt. So if you are looking for yet another SMCM shirt which you will undoubtedly donate to the local Goodwill upon graduation, look no further.

It quickly became obvious to me why Circle K won club of the month; they are incredibly organized and balance a half dozen service projects every month. Kelli Hill and the rest of the officers put in a ridiculous amount of work. They do a lot of volunteering with local kids, generally middle schoolers. It's definitely the feel good club of the year.

We had been collecting money for Unicef, and raised 92.56$ wooo!

They need like 10 more people to bring 5$ for a shirt and membership to become a legit club (as in recognized by Kiwanis International) so I would really recommend joining.

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