Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Dance Show and Dance Party

I ended up going to see the Dance Show again Friday night because my friend had an extra ticket. I think my favorites were before and after the intermission, with "Question" choreographed by Catherine Meringolo, and Marshall Betz's "Boys vs. Girls". Question was the dance with all the street clothes dancers, and the song contained a lot of real world noises. The song itself was very experimental and I was excited to see it in a dance performance. Boys vs. Girls was a fun and upbeat pairs dance, the kind of dance everyone can appreciate and get into. Overall I was really impressed with the Dance Show as a whole.

After Saturday's show the Dance Club hosted a dance party in DPC. I went over with some friends around 10:30 and no one was there. We danced for one song and then ran away until 11 or so when people actually showed up. I think it was pretty fun, but I wasn't a big fan of the music. I don't think there was enough variety, and far too few of those songs that everyone recognizes. I still really enjoyed it though.

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