Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dinner with the Urgos

Back in November my house hosted a dinner party and we invited Joe and Lesley Urgo!  I don't think I blogginged (for some reason I think it's amusing to write stuff like bloggering and bloggered instead of using real words) about this event though!

My house had been hanging out together one night when we decided that inviting the President over for dinner was a good idea.  Some months later we finally did it!

It was pretty wonderful.  I made mashed potatoes from a box (superior to real mashed potatoes) and Mike Tornabene made fried chicken, because he is from the South.  They even signed our wall!

His signature is on the left, the 'sunday party' is unrelated.  Kinda wish he has written 'wuz hurr' via I enjoy improper English spelling/grammar.

The smiley face was, I believe, a quick self portrait.  Quite the artist!  She also made a salad which was very fancy and delicious.

It was a grand event!  A lot of people asked us to invite them to the dinner but we didn't because we enjoy crushing souls/dreams there wasn't enough room.  But you should consider hosting a simliar event if you so choose!


  1. How neat, so glad you all went the extra mile in welcoming them to our wonderful family here at SMCM! As usual I am proud of my students! Nice job! Way to set the bar, not any students will be able to top this one!

  2. haha SUNDAY PARTY was related- Urgo's "do you guys drink on sundays?" question. Also, we love Leslie because Leslie loves hot dogs/hoddogs just like we do. I think she would like our hoddog ornament.

  3. Ohhh shit, i did it again, I meant lesley (twice)