Monday, January 10, 2011

Water: Photos and memories

I searched around the photo archive some more and found some sweet photos of the waterfront and St. John's Pond.  The waterfront at SMCM is great and will always be one of the most memorable parts of college.  I remember once I jumped off the docks and swam over to The Point, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

This photo is from 1999 and shows the Cardboard Boat Race!  This Family Weekend event was replaced with the Bamboo Boat Race last year, which is kinda lame.  Anyway, this is an alumni council team, which is pretty cool.  I wish they still had an alumni council team for the boat race, I think it would be interesting.

Oh man, check out this kid getting ponded way back in 1971.  Didn't realize the tradition went back that far.  I have never been ponded during my tenure at SMCM, which I am thankful for.

It looks like they tied him up before throwing him in.  I think we should do this more often.

Another kid getting thrown in!  This is an odd place to pond someone from, as I've only seen it happen from this location once in my life.

Lastly we have this gem from 1970.  Really digging the style these guys have.  Also their facial hair decisions.  The path looks a lot less beat up here than it does today, which is kinda cool.


  1. Care to explain what this tradition of getting ponded (pwned?) is for all us non-Maryland people?

  2. You get thrown in the pond that is on campus on your birthday, or in celebration of anything (like finishing senior project) but mostly for birthdays

  3. which path is that?

  4. i must admit i have the same facial hair as the guy on the right

    I am rockin it too

  5. you reach 20 + years old but still nothing beats tieing people up and throwing them around.

  6. I remember participating in a styrofoam boat race. I would not recommend it.

  7. where you get access to all these ol skool photos?