Monday, January 24, 2011

When two great powers combine...

Tomorrow, two great powers, Math Club and Board Gaming Club, will combine their powers by hosting a game night in DPC.  Who will survive this tsunami of nerdy/awesome pursuits?  There will be food/blood (via that movie about Upton Sinclair's book Oil).  

Actually I've always wanted to play Settles of Catan, it looks real cool.  I think you control a society and have to farm or something.  I don't know really.

Speaking of board games, last Monday we played Risk in my house (in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and I almost won.  Apparently everyone else had set up secret alliances.  I successfully conquered Australia and Asia, but then Catherine steamrolled me.  le sigh.


  1. Settlers of Catan is a pretty awesome game, I would definitely recommend it.

  2. +1 for settlers I've heard good things

  3. Settlers is a great game and easy to learn. It involves getting the right resources, either by chance or by trading with other players, to build stuff that helps you win the game.

  4. Please play settlers. My life depends on it