Friday, January 7, 2011

PANIC: Hypothermia

Hypothermia can strike at any time, even on a college campus.  Polly Miller sent out an email the other day regarding this very chilling condition.  She even included warning signs for infants, since so many of us have children.  One of the warning signs was very low energy, but in my experience babies often just lay around all day.  They barely even walk they are so lazy!

Anyways, it's very easy to get hypothermia when drinking because alcohol makes you feel warm even when it is cold outside.  So be aware!

Also don't go swimming, that is how most get hypothermia.


  1. I know I've sobered up when I start getting cold. bring it on hypothermia!!

  2. Ok, so I will just avoid lazy babies, alcohol, and swimming, and all is well.

  3. man i should wrap up, i thought campus would be safe

  4. Swimming has never looked so dangerous until now


    For you, Ken Benjes. PANIC!