Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Senior Events

Here are the upcoming senior events!  I will also comment on them (IN BOLD)!

January 31- February 3rd-  Class of 2011 Pint Glasses sold at the Campus Center Lunch (11-1) and Dinner (5-7) for $5  Woo pint glasses!  We already have too many but I will probably get one!
February 3rd- 100 days at the door. Come with your 2011 Pint Glass! Glasses will be sold at the door as well  Excellent!  Don't forget that this Thursday is 107 Days at the door.
February 18th- Cocktail Party at Brome Howard 7-9. This is a special event with 7 types of martinis and appetizers for $20/ person. This will get you 2 drinks plus food. Tickets will be sold through the Student Activities Office Feb 7th- TBD  Seems interesting, but 20$ could also buy two handles of Rikaloff.  Also no transportation.
March 24th- Graduation Fair in the ARC  DO NOT WANT
March 26th- This is the tentative date for 50 days at the state house. Time TBD  Should be cool, not sure what occurs at this event
April 25th- April 28th- This is the tentative week for a President's Reception at Urgo's home. Details are still be worked out. It is on several evenings since we cannot accommodate all of the Senior class at once. You and your friends should pick one day to attend.  Glad that we get to pick which day we go w/friends, but it's unfortunate we can't all go at one.  Should be real cool!
May 11th- Beach Day during Senior Week  woooo!
May 12- Gala at Brome Howard  Yesssss
May 13- Convocation and 8 wonders  ...what is the 8th wonder????
May 14- Graduation!!!!!!!  UGHHHHHH/WOOOOO!

Very informative email from Colleen O'Neil!


  1. For 50 days, everyone gets together and dresses up a bit, a few people (maybe your class president?) make speeches, and the college provides booze. At least that's what it was in 09!

  2. I think you should take the $20 you saved from the Cocktail party and make the Rikaloff happen.

  3. Actually it would be kinda cool if instead of the cocktail everyone in my house pooled our money (80$) and had our own cocktail party, with less driving and more drinks.

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    Laura Bayless:

    Professor Umbridge:

  5. Yeah I'd rather spend 20 bucks on 5 mcdoubles and a liter Smirnoff

  6. I'm very glad you brought this to my attention.

  7. Anyone know whether seniors who are under 21 and who won't drink can still go to the cocktail party?