Friday, December 31, 2010

Will SMCM continue to fund the Governor's Cup race?

Read an article in the Washington Post (joke newspaper in my opinion [not really]) about the possibility that SMCM may stop funding the Governor's Cup race.  The school loses like 18,000$ on it yearly (however I feel like the race also results in a lot of donations).

In the article, Jurgo states that "No one thinks it's appropriate that we spend education funds on it."  I'd like to go on the record right now to say that I think we should spend education funds on all sorts of random stuff like boat races and hot air balloon races and building statues of famous people.  The President's statement is now incorrect, seeing as I do think it's appropriate (okay but not really; he brings up a good point).

It seems like the River Concert series breaks even, which is good.  I still haven't attended this event, but probably will this year.  Jurgo said that he doesn't think it's in danger of being cut.

So really the only thing that seems likely to die is Slackwater.  I don't really know what this is to be honest.  Some journal thing.  I don't know how to read so I have never read it.

Would be pretty lame is the governor's cup died.  My Dad raced in it the past two years and got trophies which are actually small cups which I assume are for drinking rum, which makes them better than real trophies.  The race has been going on for a few decades, and it's a pretty cute idea/race.

Dunno.  Kinda doubt that like Muldoon (who has a legit-ass racing boat in the race) would let it die even though he isn't on the Board anymore (or maybe he is and just isn't the head of it).


  1. As cool as the Gov.'s Cup is, I think we should all take a moment to reflect on what $17,000 could mean if it was put into actual education/college things.

  2. I would still contend that the event probably brings in some donations. Old people enjoy fancy boat races and therefore would want to donate to the school is my logic I guess. WHO KNOWS.

  3. Oh. I guess I was reading it as the school loses 17k after all the donations and everything.

  4. In terms of pure numbers the school loses 17k, but I feel that an event like this would contribute to people donating to the school, donations which fund scholarships and such.

    But that is just my understanding and could be kinda incorrect.

  5. what it contributes to is publicity and possibly donations. considering the school only gets about $500,000 in donations a year, I doubt $17,000< comes in because of governors cup. they should find a way to make it break even, whether by raising fees or cutting costs.

    also, muldoon is apparently still on the board, he's just not in charge. i stalked their website.