Thursday, January 29, 2009

Foot Bridge Tabling

Last Thursday and today (also Thursday!) I sat at a table telling people about the proposed footbridge. Maybe you even saw me! It was pretty exciting. I sat there with this guy whose name I always forget but he likes to hang out with Iben, and Nathan Bossie who was standing near the table harassing people.

I feel really bad about forgetting his name because he is really nice but I feel like I learned his name several months ago and have not heard his name since. Also Nathan did an excellent job of getting people to do the survey while the super nice kid and I sat there watching. We were much more interested in eating lunch.

A lot of people didn't like the idea of the footbridge, but hopefully they looked at the other alternatives. Improved lighting, better road signage, and other complicated methods could be used to help motorists realize that they need to slow down and stop for pedestrians. Whatever happens, I'm glad that the students were able to have an impact on the project by voicing their opinions.

Also I got a SGA cone/megaphone thing. Alternatively it can be used as a funnel! The super nice kid and I sat around using them as trumpets while Nathan got people to fill out the survey. I think we are not very good tablers, but excellent cone trumpet players.

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