Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SGA Meeting 12/9

SGA Meeting!

Today is my Birthday!

8:10 - I was late but the meeting started right as I arrived. They have cheese and crackers and drinks and Rocher candies. I fucking love Rocher. And Cheese. Senator Van Parys and I love cheese.

8:12 - I walked in from peeing during roll call, they called my name, and then I grabbed three Rocher candies and people laughed

8:14 - Sociology Club. They are splitting from the Anthropology club. It's all very weird but whatever I don't care. I wish them the best of luck.

8:18 - We just voted a ginger for something. I don't know what but we just voted in favor of a ginger. I am considering resigning

8:20 - Kait Hines is wearing a hat. It reminds me of those Cuban Communist hats, but it has a different design for the fabric. Either way, I usually don't like these hats, but I think it looks nice on her.

8:21 - Larry Vote is here. At least I think it is him, I'm not all that sure. He is talking a lot. I have no idea what is going on. Okay he is talking about 83 objectives and milestones that the college is trying to accomplish. One of them was having 35 students go into MAT. I want to go into MAT, so I am glad they are more or less accepting everyone.

8:25 - Jeremy Pevner and Sunny Schnitzer are sitting in front of me. Sunny is the President of the SGA, she is a cutie. They usually sit on the other side. This is exciting!

8:31 - Larry Vote is still talking. Iben Ricket asked a question. She is wearing this sweet blue blazer. It's like...darker than robin's egg, but not too dark. A very bright color, good for Spring. He is answering her question but I don't really get it.

8:43 - It's really hard to pay attention sometimes, but overall SMCM seems to be accomplishing its goals.

8:45 - The SGA just sang me, Ken Benjes, Happy Birthday. This is incredibly exciting.

8:48 - Sunny is motivating the SGA to make the meetings more interesting. Woo!

8:53 - I am very sleepy :[

8:57 - Jeremy is talking about stuff he talked about tuition increases. They passed, so tuition will increase. Jeremy voted against them, but he was the only one which is kinda lame, but expected. River Center is now the James P. Muldoon River Center. Muldoon is a kickass name, because it reminds me of Mt. Doon/Doom from Lord of the Rings.

9:04 - O god I just dropped the Lego Poinsettia that I made. It made a noise, but not too loud. I miss it :[

9:06 - The MHEC Representative (she talks about stuff about school or something) is saying the same things that she said at the Sunday Meeting. This is really boring.

9:08 - We are congratulating Kait Hines on being a cool webmaster, I loves her.

9:11 - Oh my god Iben Ricket just mentioned me for researching frisbees to give out at SGA events. I feel very honored

9:23 - Sunny just told Senator Van Parys and I that we won festive attire!

9:24 - Meeting adjourned


  1. I'm pretty sure it's Voight

  2. Or rather Brown Bear

  3. Voight? What are you talking about? Who is Brown Bear?

  4. muldoon is also the name of a person in the column of patrick mcmanus. A++ name