Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SGA Meeting 12/2

8:05 - Meeting Started

8:08 - Joanne Goldwater is here! She is giving us a summary of the BASE conversations that ResLife did. There was really good participation in the BASE conversations except for Calvert, which had like 32% participation. JAG is really good at making powerpoints.

8:16 - Brian Caffey is helping me with my Chinese homework :3

8:29 - Brian is now doing my homework for me. 她做我的功课。

8:39 - We are talking about smoking on campus. Whenever someone says "smokers" I think of the bad guys from Water World. I'm sorry, but I fucking loved Water World. It's one of my favorite movies. Someone brought up the idea of gazebos for the smokers.

GAZEBOS!!! I've been saying this for months. Prince George is totally getting a gazebo, it must happen. I love gazebos and the Amish that make them.

8:52 - JAG just mentioned "The Royal We". It reminded Senator Van Parys and I of The Big Lebowski.

8:56 - JAG refrenced Animal House

8:57 - St. Mary's Horror club thing. They want to watch horror movies and discuss horror movies and such. I don't like horror movies because they are scary. Hitchcock films are cool because they're thrillers as opposed to violent porn. I really loved Rear Window. It's the one where the guy is stuck in a wheelchair and starts spying on his neighbors. Lots of TV shows to homages to it. This guy is talking a lot and I am not really paying attention, but I do like the fact that he want to analyze and look at the films from an educational standpoint, rather than just watching horror films. It passed wooooo!

9:06 - Alabaster Women. It's a group about dancing for Jesus. I don't get it but I love dancing. It passed!

9:24 - Going over budget stuff. SMUT got money yay. I think we are planning to go to a tournament all spring break. Exciting!

9:44 - Jeremy Pevner tearjerker moment. He is talking about all the responses he got concerning tuition increases, and it sounds very depressing. Apparently he got over 100 emails. I hope he does well at the Board of Trustees meeting. Good luck Jeremy! Oooo he just revealed that he is going to vote against Tuition increases, exciting! I am sure that he will be able to make his case and show the rest of the Board that it is an issue, and that something has to be done about rising tuition costs.

10:14 - Meeting over!

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