Thursday, December 11, 2008

I got mentioned in The Point News!

Okay Kinda mentioned. My good friend Michelle Ladas wrote an article about the lice outbreak from a few weeks ago, and how to protect yourself. I liked the article because I recognized all the people that were interviewed.

I especially liked it because of what Brian Van Parys said: "I saw some of the PG RA's wearing swim caps and gloves during checkout".

That was me, protecting myself from lice with a swim cap. It's really the only protection from lice. So, I was excited. The last time I was in The Point News they used a really ugly photo of me, so right now my grudge has been lessened, but it is still there. Never forget.

Also the article gave further proof that Anna Kasicky's mom is insane. When I met Anna's mom during my first Reading Days, she took Anna, Ryan Whiteis, and myself out to dinner. She accused me of various illicit activities, which I did not appreciate, especially when Ryan was there, and he actually does such things. Regardless, I still love Anna's mom.

Overall a pretty excellent article! I think it's like on Page 3 or 5?

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