Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Midnight Breakfast and Patrick Gilbert

I wanted to make a post about Midnight Breakfast and about my encounter with Patrick Gilbert, but it seemed obnoxious to make two posts within the same hour. Also highly unprofessional?

Regardless I went to midnight breakfast and it was pretty delicious. They were making fried oreos. The thought of fried oreos makes me want to vomit. The whole trend of frying foods really makes me uneasy. French fries are okay, but anything else is just ughhhhhh kinda disgusting. But I thought it was very cute how they had red and green fried oreoes. I opted to get a bagel and tater tots. I also ate a bagel for breakfast earlier today.

Also, I saw Patrick Gilbert there. Patrick and I know each other, but we didn't know that each other knew each other. What I'm saying is that we each believed that the other person was unaware of our own existance, when in fact we both knew of each other. I recognized him from my Legacy class, and he has a really great voice, and he is fun to Facestalk. Regardless, he told me that he spent an hour and a half at work reading SMCM LOL BLOG instead of working, and that he laughed a lot and enjoyed it. I was pretty happy, and I am blogging about this to brag etc., and show the great love for SMCM LOL BLOG.

Also the Dean was there and she said hello to me. At the recent SGA meeting, Andrew Bounds told me that she had accidentally wished him a happy birthday instead of myself. Personally, I think that we do look somewhat similar; large guys with short blondish hair, so I think it's a fairly reasonable mistake. But, I was happy to see that she totally recognized me now.

The photo of course is of Patrick Gilbert looking fabulous.

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  1. I am beyond reasonable doubt that chicken patties are fried. So there.