Thursday, December 4, 2008

Demonstration Against Tuition Increases

There's a facebook event that went up a few days ago with students planning to demonstrate at the next Board of Trustees meeting over tuition increases. I'm really excited that people are aware of this, and it shows that Jeremy Pevner has done a really good job of informing the student body of important issues.

I like that the event organizers want it to be a somewhat restrained, peaceful, and quiet demonstration. Aaron French responded that he wants to open up the discussion to the possibility of a more boisterous demonstration, but I feel that in this sort of situation it isn't as necessary, and could be detrimental. The Board of Trustees is not our enemy, so I think a more respectful demonstration is the appropriate form of action.

That said, it's also important to note that increasing tuition is a result, to a fair extent, of decreasing budgets, and not just increasing expenditures. I wrote this on the wall and I hope that I am not talking out of my ass, because then I would look really stupid.

The event is set for Saturday December 6th at 10AM in the Campus Center parking lot.

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